Personal Histories


On the streets where we live! The Society is collecting reminiscences of how life once was in Lake Grove and Oswego and will publish them on this page. Please email a Word document or pdf of your story to us.

Pictured above are Cornell and Cedar Streets in the 1940s. Cornell Street goes left to right and Cedar Street goes from lower left to upper right. Photo courtesy of the Lake Oswego Public Library.

Please click on a link below to read the personal histories of “our town.”

“Life in Oswego, Oregon: Living on Springbrook Road 1948–1957” by Adrianne Brockman

“Ripples on the Lake: Living on West Bay Road in 1936” by Joan Fewless Quigley

“Mud Slog” memories of Lake Grove by Tom Fox

“Besta My Recollection (excerpt)” by Dorothy M. Kisky describes filming the TV program, “The Home Show” on Greenbrier Road in 1955.

The Lake Oswego Public Library has also embarked on a project to capture oral histories. The last oral histories of Lake Oswego were done by the Library and published in 1976 so it’s time for the next generation to record their memories! For more information, please visit Recording-new-oral-histories.