Our Members

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world;
indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

We are honored to have the support of our members and we pledge to work hard to earn your continued support.

LOPS Membership

A special thank you to our $1,500 lifetime members

Kenneth J. Bush
Marylou Colver
John Hedlund
Kasey & Steve Holwerda
John Jaeger
Jim Mendenhall
Rick & Erika Miller
Gerald Morgan
Erin O’Rourke-Meadors & Gregory Meadors
Susan & Nick Stier
Emogene Waggoner
Jack Walsdorf
Betsy Wosko

Our $500 gold level members

Grant Johnstone, Johnstone Financial Advisors

Our $250 iron level members

Morris & Carolyn Arntson
Susan Bosquit
Craig & Linda Hannum
Scott Howard
Tim Mather, MCM Construction, Inc.
Gaye Richardson

Our $100 pipe level members

Randy & Katie Arthur
Carissa Barrett
John & Diane Bradshaw
Ellyn Bye
Brandon Conder & Quinn Walsdorf
Judy Dauble
Stephen & Nancy Dudley
Charlene Green
Mary Jane Headlee
Nancy Headlee
Sue Headlee
Kate & Jon Kaake
John & Bonnie Kroft
Celine Mattersdorff
Joan Moore
Brian & Courtney Olsen
Jeffrey Prokop
Judith Rees
Diana Smith-Bouwer
Rachel Verdick
Linda Willis

Our $50 brick and $25 timber members

Rhonda Allen
Bill Baars
Aase Besson
Darryl & Diana Boom
Mary Bosch
Adrianne Brockman
Rodger Chapel
CeCe Connors
George E. Davidson
Ron & Linda Erickson
Joan & Bruce Freed
Norm Gholston
Raymond Grubbs
Judy Hall
Judie Hammerstad
Pam Hayden
Susan Heath
Chris Jacobson
Dianne Johnson
Claire Kellogg
Martha Kerr
Susanna Campbell Kuo
Lois Leonard & Doug Magedanz
Paul Lyons
Linda Malone
Vincent Marcellino
Loyce Martinazzi
Glenn & Judith Mason
Denyse McGriff
Sandra McGuire
Anne E. McLaughlin
Louis & Melinda Miller
Nancy Niland
Barbara O’Neil
Kathaleen Parker
Suzanne M. Patton
Lori & Michael Regan
Margaret Robinson
Phil & Olivia Rossi
Patricia Rovainen
Marianne Ryder
Bob Sack & Corinna Campbell-Sack
Richard Santee
Karen Schneider
Catherine Sills
Cynthia Sloan
Esther Smith
Bridget Smith
Pat Snider
Cheryl Snow
Larry Snyder
Karen & Gordon Sykes
Gay Walker
Bill & Barbara Warner
Valerie Whelan
Jeff & Kathleen Wiens