Iron Industry History

color engraving of cast iron furnace

Color lithograph from the West Shore, November 2, 1889. Courtesy of the Lake Oswego Public Library.

In the nineteenth-century, the discovery of iron ore in the hills surrounding Oswego transformed the small Oregon village into a bustling iron manufacturing center. William S. Ladd organized the initial company in 1865 with the backing of Portland financiers. In 1866, blast furnace construction began. One year later, the first iron was produced and the dream of freeing the West Coast from imported iron became a reality.

The manufacturing operation ran sporadically under different management, and in a second location, for about three decades before finally shuttering operations in 1894.

A Brief History of the Oregon Iron Industry (PDF 3.7 MB) was researched and written by Dr. Susanna Kuo and designed by Corinna Campbell-Sack.

Oregon Iron Chronicles A compilation of newspaper articles published between 1860 and 1930 compiled by Dr. Susanna Kuo. They document the colorful history of the Oregon iron industry, which opened the first iron mines and built the first iron furnace on the Pacific Coast.

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