Architectural Treasure Hunt

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The Lake Oswego architectural treasure hunt focuses on historic commercial buildings in Lake Grove and the downtown core. Visitors to Lake Oswego, and even residents, may have little or no awareness of the city’s commercial architectural history. This architectural heritage coexists with new development and the mix of styles and ages enriches Lake Oswego’s unique sense of place. Oswego, established in 1850, and now named “Lake Oswego” is one of the oldest towns in Clackamas County. This project was designed to foster an appreciation of Lake Oswego’s built heritage and build public awareness of the architectural significance of Lake Oswego by employing art photography and architecture as a means to showcase history.

The “Architectural Treasure Hunt” was generously funded by a Clackamas County Community Partnership Program Grant. The project was researched and written by the Lake Oswego Preservation Society with the assistance of Society Advisory Board member, Erin O’Rourke-Meadors.

Treasure Hunt Brochure is available to download. Although the initial contest has ended and prizes are no longer available, please feel free to identify these buildings and email your results to us.

Please note that building number 8, Wizer’s Oswego Foods, has been demolished.